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Executive Management

Executive Management

The Nufarm operations are coordinated by a global management team with extensive experience in the business.

The team have the support of a strongly committed group of managers and staff across all its business activities.

Greg Hunt

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Joined: 2012

James Barkhouse

Group Executive Customer & Commercial

Joined: 2018

Paul Binfield

Chief Financial Officer

Joined: 2011

Megan Fletcher

Group Executive Corporate Affairs

Joined: 2017

Fiona Smith

Group Executive Corporate Services & Company Secretary

Joined: 2019

John Holding

Group Executive People & Performance

Joined: 2017

Michelle Monteiro

Group Executive Growth

Joined: 2013

Niels Pörksen

Group Executive Portfolio Solutions

Joined: 2014

Elbert Prado

Group Executive Manufacturing & Supply Chain and Acting General Manager, Latin America

Joined: 2013

Brent Zacharias

Group Executive Nuseed

Joined: 2006

Son Tick Chen

General Manager, Asia

Brendan Deck

General Manager, North America

Joined: 2012

Peter O’Keeffe

General Manager, Australia & New Zealand

Joined: 2014

Hugo Schweers

General Manager, Europe