crop safety

Clash controls difficult ALS- and triazine-resistant annual weeds in addition to a broad-spectrum of perennial and biennial weeds. Plus, Clash offers early application and residual control. And with its wide application window, Clash gives you the convenience and flexibility to deal with unpredictable spring weather.

Major Crop/Use**

  • Controls a broad-spectrum of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds
  • Economical solution for ALS- and triazine-resistant weeds
  • Flexible application timing: preplant burndown, pre-emergence, post-emergence
  • Offers a wide application window
  • Excellent crop safety


  • 2 x 2.5 gal
  • 30 gal
  • 250 gal tote
  • bulk


  • DGA dicamba (56.8%)


**Consult label for additional crop and rate information