Cheetah® utilizes a novel mode of action to better protect your high-value TNVV crops from weed competition including triazine, ALS, and glyphosate resistant weeds. This fast, effective, non-selective herbicide will let you focus more on profitability and less on weeds.

Major Crop/Use**

  • The most reliable solution for managing existing or emerging herbicide resistance issues
  • Fast, effective, non-selective control of tough-to-control grass, sedge, and broadleaf weeds
  • Best alternative to glyphosate, offering broad-spectrum weed control
  • Directed sprays provide excellent weed control and crop safety in orchards and vineyards
  • Expanded glufosinate uses in horticultural market; stone fruit, pome fruit, citrus, olives, and sweet corn*
  • More consistent control than Gramoxone® on glyphosate-resistant weeds with no special handling restrictions
  • For extended residual control, tank-mix Cheetah with Tuscany™ and stay weed free
    • Tuscany is Nufarm’s formulation of flumioxazin
  • As a potato vine desiccant, makes potato harvest simpler and easier

*Not all crops labeled for use in California

EPA REG. NO.: 71368-112
ACTIVE INGR.: glufosinate (24.5%)
CHEM. FAMILY: phosphinic acid
MODE OF ACT.: glutamine synthetase inhibitor
REI: 12 hours
SIGNAL WORD: caution
PACKAGE SIZE: 2.5 gal container (2 per case), 265 gal tote, bulk


**Consult label for additional crop and rate information