Sustainability, Environment and Community

Global success means highest standards of health, safety and environmental care.

Nufarm’s directors are acutely conscious that achieving global success in manufacturing and marketing complex chemicals that are widely used – including in the food chain – means adhering to the highest standards of health, safety and environment protection.

Our Health, Safety & Environment policy sets out our objectives and accountabilities – we are committed to conducting our business activities without adverse impact on our neighbours or the community and to continually improving our products and processes.

Putting policy and systems into effect must be supported by good management practices which translate the objectives into effect in the workplace, in distribution and in the use of our products. A particular challenge is to develop effective management systems and standards across the company while providing flexibility for manufacturing sites to accommodate specific needs.

Nufarm is a foundation member of the international chemical industry’s Responsible Care program. Responsible Care is implemented in 45 countries and increasingly is seen as the benchmark for superior health, safety and environmental (HS&E) performance.

Nufarm commissions detailed annual medical assessments for staff in the company’s various locations and the research indicates that the health of our employees is similar to that in like populations in the general community.

The company believes that seeking superior performance in these areas demonstrates our commitment not only to implementing our HS&E policy, but also to effective risk management to improve overall business performance and returns to shareholders.